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Whether you are looking for those beautiful dreamy, contemporary portraits of your newborn baby, or the fun and messy vibes of a first birthday cake smash photoshoot then you have definitely come to the right place. This is exactly what I specialise in! Creating these timeless memories for you really does a make my heart happy!

Let’s take a moment to find out about me, Denise – the lady behind the lens! Whether you are a brand new parent or an experienced one, I know that you will want to make sure that your beautiful baby is in the safest possible hands during their photoshoot.

The truth is, I have always been artistic and creative but I have not always been a professional photographer – I honestly thought it would be nothing more than a far-fetched pipe dream. However, I am testament to that old saying…”if you want something enough then you just got to go out and work for it”…and work for it I have! In 2017 I made a very bold decision not to return to my career as a Staff Nurse in the NHS but to pursue my passion in life – photography! I have always been a keen hobbyist but to become a professional newborn and baby photographer I have trained with some of the best national and international newborn photographers out there – I am a perfectionist by nature and I knew that if I was going to do this, then I was going to do it right! The importance of continued professional development was engrained into me during my years as a Registered Staff Nurse.  I very much carry that forward through my career as a Photographer by making sure that I attend regular training workshops in newborn and studio photography and regularly update my paediatric first aid certificate. Your baby’s safety and comfort is always at the forefront of everything that I do in the studio.

When I’m not in the studio I am just a regular 30 something taxi service/mum to my three children (well technically two are children and one is my husband called Kevin – he’s 39 going on 9). Our house is filled full of love, laughter and the odd disagreement (oh and pets, we have lots of pets).

I would love to welcome you and your family to my studio in South Lanarkshire where I will offer a warm and relaxing environment to give you the best, most enjoyable photoshoot experience for both you and your baby. Kind wishes, Denise x

let's create memories

Would you like a photoshoot with your newborn or older baby? We’d love to welcome you to our warm and relaxing studio and give you beautiful images to treasure for a lifetime.

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